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Human resources personnel face multiple challenges in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, managing employee issues, and developing, implementing and enforcing local and global legal and corporation policies. As technology and global development changes, human resources processes are evolving as well. The following interview with the Phoenix human resources manager of Bowie and Co. (Morrison, 2007) discusses the current processes and changes taking place in human resources on a national scale.

Prospective EmployeesPositions paid on an hourly scale are primarily filled with temporary personnel, on a temporary to permanent basis; word of mouth from employees to new recruits such as family and friends; internal intranet and external internet or web-based job postings, and newspaper advertisements. Turnover is more frequent in some of these positions due to high levels of pressure during high volume seasons with mandatory overtime, increased complexity of workload and streamlining of personnel due to increased outsourcing of production work.

(Morrison, 2007)Recruitment of salaried positions from universities and job fairs are specifically targeted for positions such as customer service representatives. Customer service representatives can lead to promotions into sales positions. Recruitment is conducted for low turnover roles and for high volume financial clientele areas such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. Most customer service personnel tend to stay in their positions for a considerable length of time.

Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring ProcessesHuman Resources participates in hourly and salaried employee interviews and recruitment processes along with the department manager to interview prospective employees regarding soft skills and technical skills such as customer service abilities, personalities, specific technical knowledge and abilities.

While each region may vary in recruitment processes, recruitments in the western region at university job fairs involve the human resources manager and a local customer service manager. The customer service manager conducts presentations to the students on what...