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The best person for the job is always hired.

Agree/Disagree I disagree. It all depends on who is doing the hiring. It depends on the values he/she has.

My first point would have to be about hiring someone or not hiring someone because of their sex. Depending on whether or not the hirer is a man or a woman, their point of view in hiring someone could be just for their sexual appeal and not for their talents or qualifications. The same could go for someone who had no sexual appeal and were turned away, even though their qualifications were higher than someone else who was good looking who applied for the job.

My second point would be hiring or not hiring someone because of their race or religion. I think this is horrible, but I know that it happens. Irregardless of the person's qualifications, if the person who is hiring is a racist.

I hope with most of our laws this will be eliminated, but unfortunately it does still go on, and then someone who is not really fit for the job gets it.

My final point would be hiring or not hiring someone because they are aquaintences with someone. If the person who is hiring doesn't like someone from a previous experience with them they could have a bad reason to not hire them. Someone could be hired over someone else because they are friends with the hirer. I think hiring is all about who you know. It's not necessarily the right person for the job, but if you are high class and know important people you're in!