Human Resources and Responsibilities

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HR Roles and Responsibilities PaperIn today's business environment Human Resource (HR) responsibilities and roles are increasingly more extensive than that of the old personnel department use to have. Human resources now demand strong human relations skills such as communicating, negotiating and team development. In addition human resources also demand leadership skills to help them in the decision making process and technical skills to understand human resources computer systems. According to Noe, et al. (2007) when human resources are well managed it has the potential to improve the organizations competitive advantage by helping achieve basic objectives such as quality, profits, and customer satisfaction. This paper will attempt to describe the changing role of Human Resource (HR) management in response to trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics.

GlobalizationTrends in globalization brings up several new factors to consider when hiring employees and training employees overseas and at home. For example, HR practices must take into consideration differences in culture and business practices of the host country.

To meet these new challenges and stay competitive in the global market, human resources managers must learn the laws, customs and business practices of the host country. In addition, at home human resources managers have to deal with an ever increasing multicultural workforce.

TechnologyAdvances in technology such as Human Resource Information Technology Solutions (HRIS) have a strong impact on HR, with the implementation and management of HRIS a computer system that is used to store acquire, analyze, manipulate, retrieve, and distribute HR information, managers can track human resources needs as well as employee performance and training. The acquisition and implementation of new technology in the HR field is essential for the success of the organization. Technology, people, structure, and processes working together gives an organization a competitive advantage in today's business environment. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart...