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Grocery Store Hiring ProgramSelection ToolsThere are multiple selection tools that can be utilized for hiring employees for agrocery store (Bohlander & Snell, 2004). Some would be paper or online applications.

You could also do background checks and reference checks. Some grocery chains dointegrity checks, this helps them determine how a person would act and if they are likelyto steal from a company. Many also require drug testing before hiring a candidate. Thiswill ensure that when you hire a candidate they are not doing anything illegal (Bohlander& Snell, 2004).

Selection Tools I Suggest.

Since time is money and the hiring process is such a time consuming process, Iwant to make sure that we do not spend too much time and energy interviewingcandidates that are not qualified or are undesirable to our company. I would start theselection process for our grocery store candidates by making the potential employee fillout a job application (Bohlander & Snell, 2004).

This will enable me to quickly see thecandidates’ qualifications and background. It will help me determine the candidates pastjobs, as well as the level of education that was completed. This will help me matchthem to a compatible position. If they have experience in cashier work or managing I willbe able to determine that early on. Also, by making the applicant fill out a job applicationI will be able to catch red flags for instance if the candidate held 5 different jobs in thelast 6 months that would make me wonder why the candidate was unable to keep a jobfor a long period of time. An application would also help me discover things like wherethe candidate lives and what the candidates past salary was. This will enable me tomatch them to the correct job. For instance if a candidate lives 5 miles away thenhe/she is more likely...