Human Resources Management Staffing Plan

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In today's competitive marketplace, companies have two major challenges regarding their employees. First, they are to obtain the best people to strengthen their whole business lines. Second, once companies obtain the best people, the challenge shifts to how to retain them. White House Uniforms recruits employees in several different ways such as internal job postings, recruiting, employee referrals, and direct applicants (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright, 2003).

White House Uniforms, established in 1975, initially served only the medical community by providing it with apparel such as scrubs, lab coats, nursing shoes and hats. Since then, White House Uniform expanded, adding Chef Wear for the restaurant industry, in addition to providing uniform apparel for any business or individual.

White House is a unique provider of apparel for medical and vocational schools with mass orders of student professional uniforms. Whitehouse goes directly to the institution and fits all students with their specific uniforms, and places their orders, which includes embroidery and patching services.

In many cases, in addition to the above services, White House also supplies these students with basic tools such as stethoscopes, hemostats, and bandage scissors.

White House takes special orders from other industries out side the restaurant and medical fields, such as construction companies and corporations. White House has the ability to obtain embroidery services to match any company's specific logo specifications. White House is also able to obtain promotional items for clients. White House employs seven retail specialists and an Operations Manager. The owner is hands-on and involved in all aspects of the company. There are two locations to serve customers, and customers have the option of placing phone orders. White House also provides pick up and drop off services to any point in Northern Ohio.

The methodology for the plan is forecasting the needed employees. Forecasting for...