Human Resources Management Trends

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HR Trends in Management


Human Resources Management Trends

Fatema Yunker

University of Phoenix / MGT431�


The business environment and how Human Resource Management (HR) is changing is part of future organizations success. There are different things such as technology, e-business, globalization, ethics and diversity that are major components to the changing HR scene. This paper will look at these components and discuss each in the changing role of HR.


Globalization is a part to HR that employers and employees face in today's work force. Even though this trend of outsourcing work to the lowest bidder is growing there are companies that are look to the global labor market to hire employees with specific skills. In today's market outsourcing is a part of the work force but so is a organizations fit in the global world as a whole. Human Resource managers need to know how to position an organization in the market to compete head to head and to succeed in meeting the needs of consumers here and abroad.

Having a skilled HR manager that can successfully maneuver in the global realm can mean the difference of success or failure. By do this successfully it has been noted that human resource managers are a strategic part to the puzzle.


Technology and e-business are part of the world of business and the new trends within the human resources realm are evident that this will be an ongoing and a growing factor to HR. With the ability to utilize employee search engines like or is a faster way to maintain job positions without much down time. It also increases the organization to reach prospective employees they might not have if they used conventional ways to recruit. "As technology changes...