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For our project, we were able to connect with an executive assistant from Ontario Power Generation in the Employee Health and Safety department as well as a division manager from Maple Reinders Constructors. Both sources were able to provide valuable insight and knowledge about the human resources processes at their respective companies.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is an Ontario based electricity generation company whose primary business is the generation and sale of electricity in the province. OPG is entirely owned by the Province of Ontario. OPG's core business revolves around three nuclear generating stations, five thermal generating stations, sixty-five hydroelectric generating stations and two wind power turbines that generates more than 19,000 megawatts of electricity. OPG employs approximately 12,000 people across Ontario. There are three different types of employees at OPG; 1. Power Workers Union (PWU), 2. Management and 3. The Society of Engineers and Powerstaff. Each type of employee adheres to different mandates due to the nature of the job descriptions.

OPG offers a large range of employment opportunities, long term career growth and development opportunities. The power industry is vital to the operations in our province. OPG offers challenging work opportunities and career diversity in a work environment where safety is the primary concern.

Maple Reinders Constructors is a general contractor in the construction industry in Canada with five offices nationwide, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. Classified as a medium sized company, Maple Reinders has grown continuously over the last thirty years to a firm that most recently performed $300 Million in total revenue for the 2010 fiscal year. With growth rate projections of 30%, this company is only getting started. They pride themselves on being in the top 50 small & medium employers in Canada with a "highly engaged" workforce. They pride themselves on their people and...