Human Resources Roles and Responsibilities

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Many companies are taking advantaged of the new global economy. Companies are branching out around the world with offices and divisions in one or more countries. Because each country has their own cultural differences human resources must take on a new look and involvement within a company to deal with such differences. Human resources are involved in corporate strategy in many different companies. Managing global operations and successfully formulating and implementing a corporate strategy require an appropriate strategy for managing international human resources (Bartlett & Ghoshal 1992).

Global human resource managers are required to set-up human resource management systems within socially and economic different network structures. Selecting appropriate global human resource strategies, influencing the global organizations operating framework and taking a leadership role in cultural change is the primary activities for a global human resource manager. The global human resource managers frequently rely heavily on precise methods of coordination and control of international relationships.

Human resources must also adapt to new technologies. The development speed of technology in today business environment must be taken advantage of by businesses. Technology can reduce the time and cost to hire the appropriate candidate for a company and these advantages are used by human resources. The goal of technology is to return real time actionable results to human resources in order to make effective and timely decisions (

The internet has changed the hiring process significantly. Newspaper were one of the primary sources to view and post job opportunities. Today, the internet is the preferred choice of many for viewing and posting jobs. Applicant can take advantage of filling out application over the internet. Companies can perform background checks completely online. These types of operations save money and time for the company looking to hire employees and allow prospective applicant the ability to view...