Human Resources Roles and Responsibilities

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Finding out what the expectations are for your job and the human resource function as a whole is critical. Who can help you understand the inner workings of the company? Who will be making the decisions that will affect your work? Human Resources bring together the HR practice, policies and employment laws that professionals need to know.


The ability to effortlessly transfer employees across business units and seamlessly transition them into new assignment so they can be productive is a priority as is the ability for organizations to report on employee data globally. Globalization often means that operations take place across many time zones, requiring management at all hours (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright 2004). One familiar way businesses are handling this is by implementing a global Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

HR will need to develop a sophisticated knowledge of global business operations and fluency with strategic issues related to international expansion.

This includes understanding the international political and economic environment, implications of job creation and transfer, immigration, and familiarity with local regulatory environments. There will be a larger application of intercultural competencies and language skills as the headquarters staff manages these relationships, and HR has an opportunity to foster an environment where diversity contributes value across the organization.


The pace of technology change in the information age is such that a new computer based system and capabilities often run far ahead of functional business applications that fully exploit these new capabilities. HR functions in modern organizations represent applications that seem to have been waiting for this new technology, which resolves administrative issues that have plagued HR departments for decades. This now offers new possibilities for adding value to HR work and human capital of an organization.

HR programs put on a corporate Intranet provide a...