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Human Resources Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of human resources (HR) is an essential element of an organization's success. Why - because it manages and influences the organization's most valuable asset, which are the people that work there. "Human Resources Management (HRM) consists of an organizations "people practices"--the policies, practices and systems that influence employees' behavior, attitudes, and performance" (Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 2004). These human resources, if well managed, have the potential to be a source of sustainable, competitive, advantage, contributing to basic objectives such as quality, profits, and customer satisfaction. Following, is an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of the human resources function at ABC Company. Also included is an organization chart, which shows where human resources fits in the organization.

Human Resources Responsibilities

In support of the organization's principles, values, vision, and mission, it is Human Resource's mission to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource, which are the employees.

This goal is accomplished by several important HRM responsibilities: analyzing work and designing jobs, employee relations, recruiting, selection, training and development performance management, compensation and supporting the organization's strategic goals. ABC Company performs best when all of these practices are managed well. "At companies with effective HRM, employees and customers tend to be more satisfied, and the companies tend to be more innovative, have greater productivity, and develop a more favorable reputation in the community" (Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, 2004).

ABC Company's HR team is responsible for the functions of human resources management. The HR team consists of seven employees who are responsible for servicing approximately 375 employees and 400 active volunteers. The human resources team daily responsibilities include benefits and compensation administration, recruitment, selection, and hiring employees and volunteers, employee relations,