Human REsourse management

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In simplistic terms, "Human Resource Management" can be defined as an approach to the management of people, based on three basic principles. First, it is the effective management of the most important assets of an organization, i.e. Human Resources, this effective management is the key to its success. This success is dependent on the close linking of the personnel policies and procedures of the enterprise, and if they make a contribution to the achievements of corporate goals and objectives. Second, the corporate culture, organizational climate and the managerial behavior that are emitted from that culture will exert a major influence on the achievement of excellence. Finally, HRM is concerned with integration: getting all the members of the organization together and working with a sense to achieve common objectives (Armstrong, M. 1990).

The contents of this report are based on the disagreement with the argument that "Human Resource Management has to be more realistic and drop the pretence that it has a contribution to make at strategic level.

Most businesses expect nothing more from HRM than sound advice and administrative related efficiency on people related matters."

First the report discusses about the reservations about HRM, different people's perspective about HRM, their mixed thoughts about HRM. Then the discussion is focused on the role of HRM in the business environment and its link with the strategic role. Then the contributions of HRM at strategic level are highlighted with some examples illustrating that HRM is more than just giving sound advice and administrative efficiency on people related matters. The report is concluded with the conclusions.

Reservations about HRM

The concept of HRM has been enthusiastically embraced by a lot of chief executives and management gurus, so much so that it has been disparaged by some people as the...