Human Right Violations

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Although the world is going through a process named "globalization", in which countries integrate themselves economically and politically, the social aspect is often relegated. Consequently, unemployment and poverty are two of the infinite side effects of these times. As well as this, in some nations, people are victims of human rights violations. "Their rights" are clearly defined and described in the UN (United Nations), an organism created in the middle of the twentieth century.

China is a perfect example to support this idea. The biggest country in the globe, as regards population, is affected by several human rights violations. This nation is changing its economy from a rigid socialist model, in which the state and the government were protagonists, to capitalism, allowing the development of the private sector. This policy is and will be beneficial for China's economic growth but, what will happen if nobody concerns about human rights? China prohibits freedom of speech, expression, association and religion.

Moreover, China maintains a one-party state that tolerates no organised opposition. Authorities have the ability to influence the judicial power, promoting the arrest, detention and torture of political and religious activists and the restriction of religious and spiritual practices.

China's engagement with the International community has resulted in meaningful improvements in the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese. It is important to state that the most repressive periods in recent Chinese history occurred in times of international isolation. Exposure to the outside world has brought to the Chinese people social mobility and personal liberties. Therefore, people in china have a greater choice of employment, education and improved access to information. Moreover, despite repression of religious groups not recognised by the government, memberships in churches continue to grow. In addition to this, media and Internet showed Chinese people some international...