Human Rights

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Human Rights

Slavery caused problems. Yeah sure everyone knows that, just like everyone knows that the treatment of the African American race has been less than outstanding. But what everyone doesn't know is why it's so important to make sure that we never let something so horrific happen like that again. We must learn that our basic human rights are the most precious thing we have ever been given. The only way to learn this lesson is to look upon the past mistakes of our species, namely those linked to horrifying acts we committed during slavery. Because as we all know if you don't learn from your past you're doomed to repeat it.

Could you imagine being crammed into tight quarters with hundreds of other people for 3 months? I couldn't and I'm glad that I can't. That's one of the perks of our current human rights. We don't have to go through what slaves brought to America had to.

In the movie Roots there is a scene where we see Kuntakentay and some other slaves squished together in the hold of a ship like sardines as they are moved from Africa to America. Aren't you glad we live in a country that protects us from being treated like cargo instead of human beings? Not to mention the fact those slaves were forced to "relieve" themselves on themselves. Isn't it good that our modes of travel now have bathrooms? That is one of the good things about our rights, people get respected and so do their needs. That's one of the reasons we should try to protect them.

Another reason is so we are never treated like "the daily special." "On a signal given, such as the beat of a drum, the buyers rush at once into the yard where...