Human Rights and Child Labor

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Human rights are moral right, which everyone has regardless of gender, race, color, language, nationality, age, religion, or political beliefs. Anything that violates these rights is a crime against humanity. Child labor is a crime that robs children of the right to a childhood. Children forced to work often suffer from many life-threatening diseases, most commonly malnutrition. Child labor is a problem in many parts of the world, but the highest number of child laborers is in Africa. Groups like Unicef and the International Labor Organization are doing whatever it takes to end child labor. Child labor is one of the worse possible crimes against humanity. Child labor is a problem all over the world, even in developed countries like Canada and the USA, but the largest concentration of child laborers in Africa. Over 80 million children between the ages of five and fifteen work there. This accounts for 32% of all the worlds working minors.

In Kenya many children work in the mining industry, about three million work in the fishing industry, and 60 percent of the workers on coffee plantations are children. Oxfam International reported that by 2015, three quarters of all children in sub-Saharan Africa will be out of school so they can work to support their families. Many children are the only source of income for their family, either because they are orphans and are raising younger siblings or their parents are sick and cannot work. Sometimes if the child dose not bring home enough money they are sold as slaves and for as little as twelve dollars. Once they are sold as slaves they are doomed to a life of free labor or prostitution; both will eventually result in an early death. Children in under-developed countries such as Kenya do not deserve this unfair treatment.