Human Rights and Reconciliation

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Introduction: Human Rights and Reconciliation in Australia are generally recognised. Human rights is the notion that all human beings are equal and deserve equal treatment, opportunity and pay. It is hard to solve the issue of human rights. This is partly because of our history of negative treatment towards particular groups of people, such as indigenous Australians, Immigrants and Asylum seekers, and the attitude that a lot of Australians display in relation to this issue. Our main future challenges are reconciliation, improving the treatment of asylum seekers, and most importantly our relationship of non-indigenous with indigenous people, our own natives, the Aborigines; we also need to work on supporting the needy, such as asylum seekers and the disabled. In my following report I will talk about future challenges concerning reconciliation, Responses of other Nations to human rights and reconciliation and ultimately suggest strategies to address these challenges.

Human Rights Challenges for Australia Indigenous Australians: Health The Indigenous Australians are one of the most disadvantaged groups in Australian society.

This is largely seen in the crucial area of their health. These poor health issues impact on heir daily life, their ability to get employment, and their ability to obtain housing and important necessities for themselves and their families. Indigenous Australian's life expectancy is a massive twenty years below other Australians. The reasons for this are seen in some statistics published by the Australian Medical Association in 2002:Indigenous Australians are dying from preventable conditions at a much higher rate than other Australians: Diabetes at eight times the rate, Respiratory conditions at four times the rate and Circulatory conditions at three times the rate Indigenous Australians are suffering from chronic illnesses at a much higher rate than other Australians: The incident of heart disease at three times higher, Respiratory conditions at 10 times...