Human Rights in China

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Human Rights in ChinaChina is a communist country. Communism came about in China in 1949. Because of the communism, authoritarian rule has been regular, and the government has been exhibiting its control over politics. People that speak out against the government and some journalists have been imprisoned. There are tight regulations on religion as well as the press. Because of the control by the Chinese government, many people protested for more freedoms and rights. These protests are known as the Tiananmen Square protests. The protests came to a violent end by the Chinese military, and many effects came from the protests. Many people were killed by the military. Foreign media was banned for a period of time, and the local press was strictly controlled. Communist Party members that were thought to be sympathizing with the protesters were put on house arrest. Since becoming a communist country, China has been having many problems with human rights (1).

China does not have all the same freedoms as the United States. Even though China's constitution of 1982 guarantees freedom of speech, people are still being imprisoned for speaking out against the government. The press in China has strict control by the government. Any media references to independence, religious organizations, or anything that questions the Communist Party are banned from publications and blocked on the internet. Some foreign movies to China are also banned if they are thought to have a democratic message or theme. Another freedom that is restricted in China is the freedom of movement. In 1958 a system was established that defined where people could work. Each individual was defined as "rural" or "urban." If a rural worker wanted to move to the city and become an urban worker, he or she would have to file for a special permit, and...