Human Rights in China

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Abuse of the Chinese Human Rights Due to the One Child Policy

IB Extended Essay Topic: Human Rights

By; Andrea Prohaska

Kaiser High School

Word Count: 2,825


This essay is about the effects of the One Child Policy in China. The main focus of the effects is the abusing of the human rights of the orphans in the Chinese orphanages. The One Child Policy is a one-child limitation. It applies to the minority of families in China: the majority. It restricts married urban couples to having only one child, while allowing exemptions for several cases, including rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents without any siblings themselves. The policy was implemented in 1978 and only applied to children who were born in the year of 1978. The Chinese government implanted the policy to relieve social, economic, and environmental problems in China. The authorities claim that the policy has prevented between 250 and 300 million births since it was implemented in 1978 until 2000, and 400 million births from 1979 to the present.

The policy is a very controversial topic both within and outside of China because of the concerns about the negative social consequences. Since the implementation of the policy there has been an increase in forced abortions, female infanticide, and under-reporting of female births. Thus, a suggestion as to why China has a gender imbalance. Due to the negative consequences of China's One Child Policy, I came up with the following question; how has China's One Child Policy impacted the human rights of the children in the Chinese orphanages? Through my research, I have found out the practical and unethical reasons as to why China would resort to the One Child Policy. (Brown)

Word Count: 255


In China, millions of unwanted girls and disabled children...