Human Rights vs. Global Partnership for Development. Armenia's Perspective

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The 1990s have seen global changes in relationships between states and nations, especially in the context of democratization, integration and development. The transition from peaceful coexistence to intensive and open cooperation has made people's lives more complex and multiform. Globalization has affected all of the world processes, not only in economic and political spheres, but also in social, cultural and legal realms. People have been both the subjects and objects of all those changes. That is why human rights, have played a prominent role in international development cooperation since the early 1990s. United Nations (UN) global conferences-from Rio in 1992 to Rome in 1996-have highlighted the crucial links between the three key goals of the UN Charter: peace, development and human rights. A great importance has been given to the linking development and human rights. The 1986 UN Declaration on the Right to Development stated that development is a human right.

The right to development holds its own place as a specific right and is simultaneously a framework right for the achievement of all other human rights, civil and political and economic, social and cultural. At the Millennium Summit the international community reaffirmed the importance of the right and placed before itself the goal of developing a global partnership for development.

However, an inequitable process of globalization tends to favor those with better endowments and greater command over resources, and hence with favorable initial conditions, as against those that are at a disadvantage on these. This, as well as bad governance, a crisis of values and shocking violations of human rights represent the obstacles to achieving the right to development.

Only by upholding fundamental human rights can we hope to reverse these obstacles. Not only are democracy, development and human rights all imperative, they are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Development...