Human sacrifice as performance

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In many ancient setups, people had different cultures that served purposes of interest to particular groups of people. Communities were established and maintained on particular rules and principles that reflected the interests of those people or the general outlook that those people had on life. Variations existed from one community to the other depending on the areas that the people inhabited since these areas influenced their ways of life and they activities they engaged in. For example, those who lived in agriculturally favorable areas practiced farming and animal keeping while those who lived in forested areas practiced hunting and gathering to meet their food needs. Success in these activities was achieved through divine help from gods and other supernatural beings and this needed the people to have time and a way of worshiping the supernatural beings. While majority offered sacrifices, it is the form of sacrifice offered that differed from community to community.


In this paper, special attention will be given to human sacrifice as it was offered by different communities to the supernatural beings that they worshiped. Despite the fact that many communities offered animals as sacrifice, others went ahead and offered human beings as sacrifices for various reasons that vary from one community to another. Although modern governments have strongly advocated for human rights and freedoms and ensured that such inhuman practices are brought to an end, ancient people sometimes lived in societies that did not have central governments and a small community was run on rules that were established by a group of elders or persons in authority over the community (Hodgdon and William 149).

Sacrifices were offered at different times depending on the reason for the festivity. There were those held to pray for a particular...