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"Honor Thy Children" Book Report Instructions

Hartnell College

Fall Semester 2014

Yoshiko Matsushita-Arao, Ph.D.

After you have read the entire book, complete the following assignment. The whole paper must be typed, double-spaced, and be between 7-8 pages (not including a cover page and the reference page). Please use a 12-point font size. This assignment is intended to be both informative, as well as a way to integrate the experience of reading this book into your life.

It is important to do your own work for this book report. If I find that students have "shared" their reports in terms of plagiarism (copying even a part of someone else's work without giving credit to that person), all of the students involved will earn an "F" grade for this assignment. Please do not let this happen.

Take pride and credit for your hard work. If you are unclear what plagiarism is, here is a resource to read:

Remember to do a spelling and grammar check before turning it in. Thanks!

Deadline Dates:

OCTOBER 7, TUESDAY (by 4:00 PM) - complete the whole book report and submit it to our Tutorial Center for proofreading and revisions. This can be done by bringing a hard (print) copy to the Tutorial Center or E-mailed to them (I will explain this later in this paper). The book report must be typed. For every day that your paper is later than this date, points will be docked.

October 9 - (Thurs.) - October 23 (Thurs.) - work with the Tutorial Center to get your paper corrected and approved by them. Almost always, revisions and corrections will need to be done. This process may need to be done several...