The Human Spirit.

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The history of people before us has tremendous educational value and that should never be questioned. World War II has played a major role in the history of the world. This war showed us the worst and best in people. But in the end, however, good triumphed over evil. Grisly images were depicted and ghastly horrors beyond our most awful nightmares became a reality. Some say teenagers at a middle school level are much too young to learn about these subjects. But I say we are not. We are old enough to understand what has happened and how we will turn these things into lessons of life.

We can always fix our faults and we can only do that if we learn what our faults are. The value of education is based on that. One main reason it is crucial to learn about the history of this world is to ensure the fact that we will not make the same mistakes that were made before us.

The importance of this time period is undeniable. It is a topic that holds a major position in the earth's historical timeline. Without it, we would have not known the powers of the human hand - how destructive and powerful it can be. Prejudice and cruelty are parts of life and we must learn now that they are not the solution of problems. By learning how these things have negatively affected the lives of others, we will see how not to make the same mistakes again in the future. And that is the only way we will ever attempt a halt of the evils of the world.

At this age, many teenagers are beginning to shape their virtues and beliefs about life. What better time is there to show them about the "real world"...