Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking: A Modern Day Slavery

Presented by Janelle Rescar


Slide 1: Good morning ladies, I am here to present to you my chosen ethical issue which is human trafficking around the world. Relating to this issue is the Catholic and Buddhists' global response towards the issue in which I applied to believe that it is urgent to take some actions to improve the lives of the slave victims.

Slide 2: We live in a world that has accepted mankind's absolute control over the other. The unjustified trade of enslavement of human beings reflects a modern state of affair which confirms that the greatest ethical challenge facing our modern world today is human trafficking. As defined by the United Nations, Human Trafficking is the act of recruitment, harbouring and obtaining of social deception. This is done by exploiting vulnerable oppression of human dignity and self-worth.

Slide 3: Children and women are often being the stakeholders of this ethical issue mainly due to poverty, inadequate education and low pay of professional labour.

Victims that are involved in human trafficking often have low self-esteem, unfaithful and fearful which forces them to seek for employment from people who take advantage of their personal, spiritual and mental being.

Human trafficking has been going on for thousands of years. Exploiters take advantage of the broken environment of victims everywhere at any given time. It not only occurs in United States, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa but also in Australia.

Slide 4: According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2014), modern day slavery is the fastest growing international crime and one of the largest sources of income for organised criminals. Researchers including the UNIFEM, United Nations and US State Department globally suggest that approximately 4 million people are being...