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1. Maslow believed that once all of our "lower-level" needs are met we must work on fully developing our self to be truly happy. The self- actualizes Maslow talks about moves us towards are full potential as human beings. Out of the list of fifteen characteristics handed out to us in class I fell I exhibit interpersonal relations the best. I like to keep a small group of close friend near me at all times. (Like my best friends, Jennifer and Danielle) They have always been there for me and have always encouraged me to be a better person. These two people are the better half of me and strengthen me to be an improved person. Other friends I have would be better characterized as associates of mine. People I meet at work and school that know OF me but not the true me. Even though they don't personally know me, the experiences and conversations I share with these people satisfy a relationship I strive for with others.

I wish I could work on my Acceptance of self, others, and nature. Even though I love meeting new and exciting people I have a bad habit of trying to change people and things to suit my liking. If I was to meet a new person and I realized they did something that would irritate me, I will try my hardest to change them instead of accepting and embracing that habit. When the sun is shinning in my eye by six o'clock in the morning I get upset because I have to wake up instead of just relaxing and welcoming a new day. If I were to work on this I would probably be a happier more pleasant person to be around. It is a day to day process working on achieving...