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HUMANITIES 101, Fall Quarter 2002 HUM101NOWAK ASYNCHRONOUS GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A RESEARCH PAPER DUE DATE: midnight ET on Sunday, November 24, 2002, submit via eCollege Dropbox or email.

FORMAT AND LENGTH: ? MS-Word (.doc file), text file (.txt). Essays created in other formats will only be accepted if the specified format is approved by the instructor prior to submission.

? Do not send me .zip files, but separate .doc files.

? Your name must be a part of your file name.

? 6-8 (full) typed pages not counting the required separate title page or any list of the sources at the end.

? Double space in the main text, single or double space for block quotes, footnotes or endnotes.

? Times New Roman, character size 10 or 12.

? The top, bottom, right and left margins should be approximately 1?.

TOPIC SELECTION: If the topic of your essay is not on the list, submit your proposed topic via email for the instructor?s approval by Thursday, October 24.

RESEARCH PAPER OBJECTIVES: ? The essay should be an analytical, interpretive work, and should involve a limited library research. It should not be a mere descriptive summary of the facts.

? The essay should be based on: primary sources (works of art, literature, science that are representative of culture and period being studied) related to the course (For instance, a primary source on Plato or Greek philosophy would be Plato's Republic, or some segment of it; A primary source on early Christianity would be the New Testament; on early Islam from the Quran (=Koran); secondary sources, or critical and analytical works on the subject .

Note: You must use for your essay at least 2 printed sources beyond the required class reading. You may also use Internet and CD sources.

? The topic...