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A topic even more controversial than gay marriage itself, who knew? The debate over whether gay couples should be able to raise children in a sound environment persists through varying views as well as study results. The social norm of a mother and father raising children together is still being pushed onto society; media fails to show the reality of homosexual couples desiring to have children and loving families for themselves. The research that I gathered expresses surprisingly similar views to the idea of gay parenting, the theme of the research is overwhelmingly supportive of gay parenting as a whole. The first piece of research I gathered, titled, "Psychologists' Attitudes Toward Gay and Lesbian Parenting" makes note of the immense amount of children who reside in foster care and orphanages in the United States alone. All children there are on the continuing search of finding a loving home.

But the question discussed is: should gay parents be able to adopt the children (Crawford)? In my own opinion, I say yes. A family is necessary for proper child development. Secondly, "Sexual and Relationship Therapy" discusses both the advantages to gay parenting in today's society and the obstacles associated with gay parenting (Jarred). The article I gathered from "Social Science Research" puts the views of society to the test, conducting studies to prove that children raised by homosexual parents do not face any more disadvantages than those who are raised by both a mother and father (Loren). Gay fathers are without doubt more of a sticky subject than lesbians, "Gay Parenting: Myths and Realities" delves into the struggles of gay males efforts to become parents in todays society (Pace). The adolescents living in todays society are commonly viewed as more liberal, "Lesbian and Gay Psychology review"...