Humanities : Good Deeds Gone Wrong

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Human beings have the natural tendency to seek reciprocity when serving others. No matter how selfless the act, humans hold a glimmer of hope that something will come their way in the future. Therefore, I believe humans not so much see it as an obligation rather a bonus for them to serve others in their own community. The thinking is, if we serve others in our own community it has a greater and timelier chance of repaying our good deeds. However, outside these communities exist the governments. It is in the best interest of the governments to reach outside their boundaries and serve others. We see this each time we turn on the television these days.

No matter how selfless the action or how selfless the individual; people always hold some hope of a return for their service towards others. Through my experience, people seek to help others within a niche that they feel comfortable.

The comfort coming from the feeling that they get that some good service might come back to benefit them. Also, individuals feel that if they do not see their services take effect and working then they believe it to be a lost cause. For instance, if one sends money to an African nation for medical supplies, the donation does not give them the same satisfaction as it would if they gave the money to a children's center in their own town. People enjoy the feeling of being useful and that is why they like to personally see their time and money going into action. Another reason why people have an urge to serve others in their own community Acquaviva 2 is because the appearance and conduct of the community directly reflects the people living in it. The more unity that exists within a community...