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After reading chapters 9-14 I learned so much about how negros view them self's. In chapter 9 something that stood out to me was "If you can control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions." to me this statement is so true. Many negro who were elected did not have a plan and just went a long with what the whites wanted because they were afraid or they just do not want to know what was going on.

When elected negro officials did start fighting for negro the whites wanted to elimination any and all black officials. Most people started to believe that their was no way negros understood certain State Legislature to have the Constitution of the United States thus printed in school histories, but when the bill was about to pass it was killed by some one who made the point that it would never do to have Negroes study the Constitution of the United States.(chapter 9) I believe the whites became a afraid of the negros being teach their right as American people because they knew somewhere down the line someone would right and stand up for their rights. Over the years because of the mis-education negros because to just fall in line rather than just battle the odds. A mind that remains in the present atmosphere never undergoes sufficient development to experience what is commonly known as thinking.(chapter 10) This means that no came up in life. If you were born in the ghetto you stayed in the ghetto doing the same thing your father did before you and his father before him.

In chapter 11 the negro is being education a little better but is pretty much in the same boat. Some negros a re starting to open up...