Humanity as in Ancient Greece-An analysis of Greek influence and literature.

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Humanity as in Ancient Greece

Over a period of more than five centuries, the ancient Greeks created literature and philosophies of such brilliance that it has rarely been equaled and never surpassed. In poetry, tragedy, comedy, and history, Greek writers created masterpieces that have inspired, influenced, and challenged readers to the present day. The Greek civilization emphasized the questioning of human existence and the human condition, as well as the path to wisdom. They valued the individual, virtue, honor, humanity, and love. Many believe their philosophies and ideas form the foundation of human history.

Those who have studied the ancient civilization of Greece understand that the world is today is largely a result of the blueprints left by this culture. They created the model of democratic government that is still utilized in the present day. Today's armies might have even adapted some of their strategies from the Greeks. We inherited their art and love of symmetry, their literature and understanding of man, and their philosophies, which stimulate our thinking, causing us to ask questions about our existence.

As modern and knowledgeable as we are today, we would not be nearly as sophisticated if not for the great thinkers of Greece in ancient times.

Greek writers have created masterpieces that have influenced and inspired readers to the present day through poetry, prose, and history. Their greatest literature developed around the time that many Greek writers began to cultivate their desire to express their own feelings, emotions, and opinions. This was just after what is called the Dark Age of Greece. The importance placed on honor, wisdom, and love is established in their literature. In Book I of the Iliad Achilleus expresses how central honor is by saying, "And now my prize you threaten in person to strip from me, for whom...