Humanity is the Greatest Failure of Evolution. Strong introduction, weakens as it reachs the end. Includes reference to 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Humanity is the greatest failure of evolution. Since our birth, from the primordial soup, we have consumed and destroyed. And there is nothing to stop us from destroying all other life before us. We continue to turn the air, water and the very ground we walk on into a poisonous mix simply so we do not have to walk. The birth of small-established societies, in effect caused the birth of war, possibly humanities greatest vice.

Like a virus the human race moves from area to area sucking the land dry of all possible resources. states that in 1891 enough oil was produced from Pennsylvania to power the US for 7 months, in 1997 that time declined to 3 hours. With current consumption rates (not including an increase in consumption) we will be out of natural gas in 50 years and coal in another half century later. By the year 2025, 15% of the earth's oil will remain and finally in the year 2035 oil reserves will be depleted.

Through simple math, if we continue without growth, all of earth's fossil fuels will be consumed by the year 2097. A more likely estimate (including the growth in consumption rates) will result in depletion at the year of 2073. That is if we last long enough to see it.

A more pressing matter is the increase in toxins as well as temperature. From the year 1000 - 2000 the average temperature change doubled. The temperature of the monitoring station in Vostok (Antarctica) has risen 4 degrees in the past century. Methane and Carbon Dioxide levels have raised 60 p.p.b.v. This information is especially concerning because Antarctica is supposed to be the least affected land mass. With no major change in nearby ocean currents or large cities to introduce concentrations of greenhouse...