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Notwithstanding the authorities vested in this "Company Policy Manual", the Managing Director, at his discretion, can transfer or change these authorities to suit specific situations.

House Rules

We at LANtech wish to provide a healthy, safe and efficient workplace for all staff. As such it is our responsibility to have rules or codes of conduct which support this, with a fair and transparent disciplinary policy to underpin it.

The following House Rules are intended to clarify what is and is not acceptable behavior. When in doubt, consider the impact your behavior could have on others or the company as a whole, or ask your Manager.

These House Rules will be amended by the employer from time to time as is necessary. Staff will be notified of any changes.

Attendance & Punctuality

You are all a part of the LANtech's team. Therefore, to enhance teamwork, all personnel are expected to be at work in accordance with the established and negotiated hours of work.

Leave of Absence

All requests should be discussed with your Manager for approval depending on the customer's requirements at the time.

Bereavement Leave

Leave on ordinary pay of up to a maximum of five 8 hour days shall be allowed on the production of satisfactory evidence of the death of the employee's spouse, parent, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, sister or grandparent.

Other Absences

Other special purpose leave with or without pay may be provided under special circumstances at the discretion of the Management.


Due to the nature of our business, overtime is worked as and when a project requires, and all personnel will cooperate with project requirements.

Claims/payments for overtime are made according to the following criteria;

A. The overtime claim form must include the date, time, ticket number and customer. The response in the...