Humans: Corrupted from Within by Their Own(Nievete of the American Population)

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Humans: Corrupted from Within by Their Own(Nievete of the American Population)

The tragedies throughout our history emulate the fact that the American population is too easily convinced of "true lies", and therefore too naïve. They are just too gullible for their own good.

Pearl Harbor is just one of the large events in our history that elaborates the naïveté of our population. My grandfather just happened to experience this terrible tragedy first hand, as he was on vacation with his family in Hawaii when the Pearl Harbor attack occurred. Granted he was only about ten years old, he has told my relatives and I many stories about people's reactions and rationale around what had happened, and how they were influenced by the misguided of our society. Some of his stories include his opinion on the mind-set of many people in relation to how the government's knowledge and awareness to the Japanese activity.

He says that the people of the time all believed the government to be completely innocent of any wrongdoing or negligence in the matter, although the government later released evidence proving their neglect of the obvious possibilities. Now, I am no expert, but I know for a fact that governments are set in place so as to protect the people, and their rights, of their countries at all costs no matter how great. Which I must follow with saying they did not do either in the case of December 7th, 1941. So in my eyes Pearl Harbor was a rather expected strike that was delivered to the American government, although they passed it off as a complete surprise, rather superbly I must add.

With the recent attack on the United States during September 11th forever engraved in the back of our minds, I see the same situation resurrecting...