"Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo.

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In The Hunchback of Notre Dame movie, Victor Hugo shows how life was in the city of Paris. This story takes place in the late-fourteenth century. With differences all around it was hard for a person to gain respect without good looks or social status. In this paper I will mainly discuss the story of Quasimodoe and Esmeralda the beautiful gypsy and how torture. Torture was a very popular way of punishment back in the late 1400's. Officials used torture back then to keep the town and people in order. Without torture people may have felt they were able to do anything and get away with it. For every broken rule there was almost a torture received every time. It was useful, mostly in court to find answers from people who they suspect of lying. People would rather confess then be subject to torture. Torture was also used to punish someone for doing something wrong.

When torture would occur, it was the talk of the town. In the 1400's nobody had the things we used to pass time, this would be their entertainment. If someone was going to get punished, everyone would know about it and everyone would make sure to show up for the special occasion. When a torture session was announced, word spread rapidly. Some incidences would go farther than torture, and led to a public death instead or privately.

An incident in The Hunchback of Notre Dame movie was when Quazimoto was tortured because of how he had been misbehaving. Quazi was put in the middle of the public, tied up on a stand so all the people could watch this act of torture. He was whipped a total of 50 times so he would learn a lesson. Everytime Quazi received a whip he would yell. All...