The Hundred Days

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The Hundred Days Louis XVIII was the new king of France almost sixty years old. He had promise to accept the results of the Revolution that had executed his brother Louis XVI.

On May 1814, The Treaties of Paris left France with little complains. All the captured colonies except three small islands were returned to Britain.

March 1, 1815 a man stepped ashore on the French mainland. The French was Napoleon's enemies.

Bourbons fled from Paris. Louis XVIII taking refuge in Belgium.

Vienna, the Congress issued a declaration that Napoleon was the enemy and disturber of the peace of the world and subject to "Public Prosecution" Napoleon had many experience in battle and he beat Blucher and the Prussians retreated by a strong French forces under Marshal Grouchy.

June 18, 1815 before noon the French Guns firing across the grain fields. The were trying to dislodged Wellington's men and get them back to Brussels in a few kilometer away.

By 6:00pm the Advance units of Blucher's Prussians were coming to join up with the British.

Napoloen won the battle in Waterloo and his career has ended.

July 7, Louis XVIII was restored back on the throne and allied armies entered Paris.

Napoleon has traveled a hundred days after he reached Paris from Elba and three days after Waterloo had thought of going to the United States but the British navy was blockading the French Coast. He was unable to slipped through the cordon and had to surrender to Captain Maitland of H.M.S. Bellerophon. Later another British ship, H.M.S. Northumberland carried him to exile. He died in 1821 soon after he was carried on the exile of St. Helena in south Atlantic.

Napoleon was slowly dying on a sub-tropical island of a disease that was never properly diagnosed which was stomach cancer. While he was ill, he still attempted to learn English composition.