Hungarian Revolution 1956

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After World War II had ended the freely elected Hungarian government was slowly being re-occupied with Soviet military, turning it into the Hungarian Communist Party. With the soviets slowly taking over Hungarian government, the standard of living went on a massive decline as well as the country’s economy. Writers and journalists started publishing critical articles of what was happening in 1955. And By October 22 1956 a band of University students brought back to life the once banned MEFESZ student union and protested on October 23 which set off a chain reaction culminating in the Hungarian Revolution 1956.

Around 20,000 protesters gathered on the October 23, 1956 to object to the new intruding government. During the protest manifestos were read and the students began to chant the censored “national song” "We vow, we vow, we will no longer remain slaves." Then someone cut out the communist section of the Hungarian flag, soon everyone followed.

The crowd moved to parliament building and by 6PM the crowd had grown to over 200,000 people. Later that night, Ernő Gerő the First Secretary of the Hungarian Communist Party (HCP) read out a speech and told the protesters to leave, so in spite of anger they removed Stalin’s 30ft bronze statue, which was then demolished for a Stalin monument. This monument was the toppled by the crowd and then with only the boots of the statue left people placed the Hungarian flags in place.

20,000 People gathering to f protest the Soviets intrusionAt the same time a large crowd gathered at the Radio Budapest building in an attempt to spread the word of their demands, but the building was covered by ÁVH (Hungarian Special Police Force). They opened fire but eventually joined the site of the protesters as there were too many. Much communist...