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Ulises Arnold


No Child Hungry Essay

Hunger has become a struggle that affects millions of Americans every year. It has a mass impact on the children, and that is a problem. There are many kids out there that are hungry, which affects their futures and destroys their dreams. But, there is more to canned food and drives, something bigger and more helpful, an organization.

The kids, and teens are the ones most affected because they are too young to care for themselves, and depend on their parents to care for them. One in five kids go to bed hungry dreaming of when their next meal will be. And when they can't then they have no choice but to accept it and wait until their next meal. Consuming is the only and simple way humans need to maintain themselves and have energy to function properly. Kids who go hungry will not perform in school as well as their will could take them.

This affects their future dreams and all the good they could bring to society and affect the legacy of those who came before them. It could also lead to a life of crime, or a life for them full of problems, or even death. When people see that kids are hungry and don't care, they are not taking in consideration that they aren't only hurting the kids future, they are also hurting humanities future. It's the first natural instinct of a species to make sure that their race doesn't die, but with today superficial world, some issues that need to be taken care of such as money and entertainment are distracting the real problems.

In order to help those, there should be an organization that is non-profit and asks for money from the upper class, to pay for...