Hunger in Africa

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8 May 2014

Hunger in Africa

Even though there seems to be enough food all around the world especially in the U.S, people just do not seem to know that thousands of children die almost everyday because their parents or gaurdians cant feed them. In Africa, children suffer most from hunger, also referred to as malnutrition or undernutrition. Their mothers also suffer greatly from malnutrition, which affects the child before birth. There are two basic types of malnutrition. The first and most important is protein-energy malnutrition-the lack of enough protein" Children when they are hungry they well become ill soon and do not grow because the lack of vitamins and nutrigens. Hunger in Africa is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Acording to, 239 million people are starving in Africa and 6.9 Million people die in a year because of malnutrition and diease as a result of starvation.

Acourding to world hunger .oa life time.(guardian 2011). Africa's growth population is about two hundred twenty- one million, there are five reasons why there is starvation in africa: issuses with the economy, extreme poverty and war. They also include over population and enviromental problems.

Poverty is a main principle cause of starvation in Africa. Many people do not have enough food for which to buy food or even supplies or anything. In Saharan fourty-seven percent of people lived on one dollar twenty five cents or less, a main cause of widespread hunger. (

Africa as the poorest continent in the world has highest birth rate. Fast growth, along with other negative factors like harmful economic systems. Sub-Saharan woman will give birth to the average about 5.5 children in a life time.(guardian 2011). Africa's growth population...