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Canberra Girls Grammar School

Information Services Faculty

10 Computer Applications

Programming Unit: Learning Blog

Assessment Instrument




Due Date

Monday 10 December

Group work is encouraged by the teachers in the Information Services Faculty because it promotes effective learning. It provides students with opportunities to share knowledge and ideas. HOWEVER, the final product submitted for assessment must be the student's own work. Submitting anything other them your own work is regarded as a breach of discipline.

Conditions pertaining to Assessment:

All work is to be an individual effort

You will be given class time but some work outside of class may be required

Please refer to the Unit Outline for this subject and the School Guidelines for Essays, Reports and Assignments 2013 for detailed information on late submissions, extensions, plagiarism, attendance requirements, etc.

You must correctly acknowledge all sources of information outside those provided in your course notes.

You must submit by the due date to T: drive.




Learning Blog





Year 10CA1

Semester 2 - Learning Blog


To create an informative 'blog' which highlights the concepts studied throughout Semester 2.

The rationale for developing a 'learning blog':

A means of tracking your progress throughout the semester

Communicating concepts studied reinforces your understanding of them

A means of giving and receiving peer feedback for your work

Providing you with a long term reference of the skills you have learned and concepts you have studied

De-emphasising individual assessment tasks and recognising your skill development

Because I asked you to ☺


Identify your chosen blogging site (Recommended sites)

Create a blog entry articulating the concepts studied in the following topics:

Intro to Computer Science (details below)




Blog entries should be informative about the concept and be...