Hunger Games

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The use of fire in the novel 'The Hunger Games' tells us many things about the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. The three main points that will be discussed in this essay are Katniss' costumes for the Hunger Games, her burnt leg and her training score being eleven.

To begin with Katniss' costumes tell us about the protagonist's inner fiery spirit and about District twelve's industry with coal which burns. Cinna creates 'the girl on fire' costumes to give Katniss a spectacular look to stand out from all the other competitors and Cinna thought that the symbol 'fire' best described Katniss. Cinna also said it's his job to make '…District Twelve tributes unforgettable.' The symbol fire is extremely strong, spreads fast and is very hard to beat which is like Katniss. The costumes are all about her fiery spirit and her movements. The audience that saw Katniss in her costumes remembered her unforgettable appearance.

Secondly the Gamemakers were threatened about the protagonist's strength and passion towards the Hunger Games. Katniss was moving too quick and too far away from the other tributes. The Gamemakers then decided to produce a fire so that they could throw fireballs at her to make her turn around and go in the other direction. They didn't know that a fireball would hit her right in the leg and burn it. They used fire against her.

Finally the expression 'girl on fire' describes Katniss' training score being 11 because the Gamemakers think that she has the power 'fire'. This is brought to the Gamemakers attention when Katniss shoots an arrow at them but luckily it hits the pigs mouth which they were about to all gather around and eat instead of paying attention to Katniss' training. The book goes on to describe what happened afterwards.