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The Hunger Games - Essay Plan-Ollie Dixon


Suzanne Collins's novel The Hunger Games explores the world of the novel however ultimately depicts the evil of human nature associated with the Sci-Fi Genre.

On one hand The Hunger Games is set in a world where positive emotions such as loyalty are key for survival. However ultimately through an exploration of overwhelming force and oppression it reveals the world of the novel is not a better place.

Paragraph 1- Loyalty

In The Hunger Games, Collins depicts a better world through the idea of Loyalty and how it is key for survival through times of violence and oppression.

Katniss risks her life on countless occasions to be loyal to her allies and friends, who have helped her to survive throughout the novel. After an analysis of the novel it can be seen that loyalty from Rue is what saved Katniss from the Careers.

This is seen with Katnis's strong sense of loyalty despite the danger that surrounds her when she rushes to Rue's aid, a girl she has only met once.

Quote- "It's a child's scream… And now I'm running, knowing this may be a trap, but I cant help myself"

The use of a first person allows for greater insight into how loyalty occurs. Furthermore it shows that loyalty is part of Katniss nature.

Loyalty can also be seen to guide Katniss along her Heroes quest.

Therefore Science Fiction often does depict a better world, as loyalty is key for survival in the world of the novel.

Paragraph 2- Oppression

In The Hunger Games, Collins depicts a world where oppression dominates the lives of most characters.

Due to the poverty and starvation issues in Panem survival is no sure thing. The lack of food supplies handed out by the...