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20 August 2014

The Hunger Games vs Reality: The Truth

Today's society has been twisted warped into worshipping money, media and appearances. This phenomenon is apparent in both fiction and reality through Suzanne Collin's, The Hunger Games and modern western civilization. Firstly, most people in the Capitol are like rich fools similar to people living today who think only of their own comforts. Secondly, the Hunger Games and reality television is a profitable market that forces people to resort to extremes in order to survive. Thirdly, the superficiality of the people in the Capitol can be compared to people in the present day. Most Americans have warped ideals on beauty and perfection. Collins accomplishes a message through dystopian elements and characteristics to warn readers that the current civilization is traveling down a dangerous.

In both Panem and well developed countries, wealth is heavily concentrated in the hands of the rich.

The Hunger Games shows it particularly in those who live in the Capitol and certain of the districts, and the result is a huge disparity between their lives and the lives of the poor. This inequality is evident in terms of food and medicine. The protagonist, Katniss notes on the amount of food the capitolhas and the lengths she would have to go through to get it.

"I try to imagine assembling this meal myself back home. Chickens are too expensive, but I could make do with a wild turkey. I'd need to shoot a second turkey to trade for an orange. Goat's milk would have to substitute for cream. We can grow peas in the garden. I'd have to get wild onions from the woods. I don't recognize the grain, our own tessera rations cook down to an unattractive brown mush.