The Hungry Ocean

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Introduction Linda Greenlaw is the captain of the sword fishing boat, The Hannah Boden. In the book, The Hungry Ocean, Greenlaw uses many supervision and leadership skills to manage her crew of 5 men on a sword fishing trip. Their ultimate goal is to catch as many fish as possible on this trip, since the more fish they catch the more money they make. They need to make enough to cover the expenses of the trip and have a decent amount of money for themselves. This is why Linda must use the supervision skills such as, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, to lead her team to this ultimate goal of catching as many fish as possible. Her passion for fishing is what drives her to be one of the best fishing captains in the world.

Linda is the supervisor who oversees the work of operative employees. The operative employees are her crew of 5 men.

They are the one's who physically produce the organization's goods and services by working on specific tasks. Although she is a supervisor, she also does a lot of the same tasks that the crew does. Linda has to use all of the competencies that supervisors have, technical, interpersonal, conceptual, and political. Linda knows a lot about the technicalities relating with fishing, such as fishing equipment, navigation tools, boat maintenance, weather and water temperature, and all of the electronic devices that she uses. She uses interpersonal skills when she has to manage her crew individually and as a group. She has to motivate the crew to keep fishing and handle conflicts between crew members such as the conflict between Carl and Peter. She is very conceptual since she must analyze all of the complex situations in this trip such as location to fish, ship maintenance,