The Hunter (Free Verse Poem)

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The Hunter

Belly to the floor, I gaze at the horizon, shimmering in the distance.

The wind cut through the dry savanna grass, like a scythe through harvest

The reflection of my scope glistens in the sun.

And within my sights lies my prey

A beast, a lion, an incredible catch

Hugging the ground I crawl ever so closer, eluding its senses.

And from within my belt I draw a fresh cartridge and silently slide it into place,

Like a claw through flesh

With the eternal patience of a poised lion I gaze down my glassy sight

And wait for a full view.




Then, unaware of the hunter that stalks him,

He strides out from beneath his shadowing tree, but pauses, as if to stop and think.

Swiftly I adjust my aim, until the shot is clean

Now, in perfect position and with my prey poised, I squeeze the trigger realising a shot to freeze all time.

It was quick,

It was clean,

It was sharp,

It was,

The perfect photo

By Nick Lilleyman