Hunter Gatherer And Nomadic People

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At the end of the Paleolithic era, humans became acquainted with a different type of life style. The previous way of life for a human was a method of gathering food by hunting animals and picking plants. This new style of getting food is called agriculture. For both hunting and gathering, people needed tools.

A type of tool that a hunter would use is a spearhead. The spearhead would be use to kill animals by attaching it to a stick. This infers that hunters and gatherers would have probably carried a spear with them at all times. They were always on the move in search of new food. When the heard moved, the people moved as well. The tools they carried were not very bulky, because of how often the moved. Tools were made to be mobile.

A typical tool that and agriculturist would use is made of some sort of bone with a flint rock lodged inside this bone.

These tools were used to cut plants grown by these people as a food source. These people generally stayed in one area, cultivating their plants for food. The domestication of animals also was a source of food to these people. Thus began the (farm life).

Both agriculturists and hunter-gatherers used tools to survive. The tools carried by the hunters and gatherers were small and mobile. Where as the tools used by the agriculturists were larger and did not have to carried around.