Hunting, A Recipe For Murder

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What could be better than enjoying the outdoors with some friends, getting in touch with nature, and hunting game? How about helping to save these hunted living beings from malevolent extermination. Each year tens of millions of innocent creatures are preyed upon by weapon and trap-bearing humans. Unfortunately the killing of these animals has gone from basic survival to profiteering and recreation. Hunting programs create an even worse environment; such as "buck-only" hunts that leaving up to eight does per buck. These hunts coupled which "predator hunts" leave little balance left in our ecosystem, in turn leaving prey populations way off balance. It is a malicious world we live in when one must kill another living thing for fun, creating chaos for the ecosystem. Animals caught in traps can be stuck in a trap for days experiencing tremendous pain, all the while bleeding and starving to death. All that pain and death just doesn't calculate well in our natural balance when all that is left could be something as petty as a coat.

Wearing a fur coat serves only to fuel a hunter's motivation in performing this despicable act of wasting life over fur. Not only does hunting destroy life, it has a serious influence on a child's psyche. Allowing a child to murder animals at a young age sends mixed signals of right and wrong through that child's mind. Not only is hunting legal murder, it creates numerous other problems concerning both our wildlife as well as ourselves.

Hunting is a legal act of violence which a one living thing, a human, kills another living thing, an animal, usually for sport. Each year millions of our dollars are spent for the purpose of destroying the environment to support the breeding of game animals. This causes overpopulation for when land...