Hurricane Andrew - The Facts and The Experience

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Hurricane Andrew was one the most destroying hurricanes that the U.S has ever had. It caused a great amount of damage and left many people with out homes. It has been the most expensive natural disaster in history.

Satellite pictures indicate that Andrew was formed from a tropical wave coming from the West Coast of Africa towards the north Atlantic on August 14th, 1992. On August 16 Andrew became a tropical depression, or a group of thunderstorms that are under the right atmospheric condition to sit for a long time. On August 17th, 1992 it became the first tropical storm of the season. The storm moved northwest, and on August 22nd it reached the strength of a Hurricane. On August 24th it reached the Southern part of Florida. At this point the hurricane had become a category four.

A category four hurricane is very powerful, seeing as how the very maximum is five.

A category four hurricane has the power to completely destroy a mobile home and to cause severe flooding, and this was proved when hurricane Andrew hit Florida. The winds were about 175 mph and were moving west at about 18 mph. After going through southern Florida it headed into the Gulf of Mexico. On August 26th, Andrew hit land again at this point in the south central part of Louisiana. At this point the winds were going at about 120 mph. One day later the hurricane became a depression and then it finally ended.

Andrew destroyed whatever it hit. It was the most expensive natural disaster up to the time. It cost 20 billion dollars in repairs. It killed 60 people and left hundreds of people homeless. The greatest destruction that the hurricane had caused was in Dade County, Florida. Were it killed a total fifteen people...