Hurricane Isable.

Essay by YohanceHigh School, 11th gradeB+, June 2004

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September 13 was the best day for me but not for some people. I just came from school that day and got word from my Mom that I didn't have school tomorrow because of a hurricane, I was so happy. I thought to myself, " there is nothing going to happen to me or my family". As I think back from science class, hurricane is a kind of a whirling tropical storm that causes minor to major destruction depending on how hard the hurricane's power hits earth. They also cause changes in the sea, which creates huge waves that can also be very destructive. They can destroy habitats of both humans and animals. Hurricanes develop over the Atlantic or the Eastern Pacific Oceans. They are also known as typhoons when created over the Western North Pacific. In the Indian and South Pacific Ocean they are called cyclones.

After I completed my 2nd, 4th and 6th period homework assignments, I decide to engage in television for evening entertainment.

As I channel surfed, I couldn't help but noticed that all the channels where posting up hurricane warning signs across the screen, one stated, "Warning Hurricane Isabel is heading directly to the Washington DC area". I decided to stay tuned for further information. I remember a special bulletin informing people on ways to prevent the affects of Isabel that stated, "Steps you must take in order to prevent destruction by Hurricane Isabel. Upgrade current window systems to impact-resistant windows or shutters, impact-resistant shutters that close over window openings prevent flying debris from breaking windowpanes. If high winds threaten immediately, an easy/temporary and effective step is to cover windows with securely fastened plywood on the storm shutters (minimum of 7/16-inch). Be sure to cover all doors that have glass, too. Brace garage doors to...