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Hurricanes, Storms Surges and Floods

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Hurricanes, Storm Surges and Floods

According to "National Hurricane Center" (2014), outreach history reports, hurricanes, storm surges and floods along the gulf coast are often the greatest threat to life and property. Hurricanes, storm surge and floods have been affecting the lives of people and property for centuries with many in earlier times never being recorded. Examples of the devastation occurred in Hurricane Betsy 1965, Hurricane Camille 1969, and the most destructive Hurricane Katrina 2005. Previously, massive fatalities have been caused by the rise of the waters of the ocean and the gulf in association with several major hurricanes that have made landfall along the coast.

Hurricanes and floods have been influencing the lives of numerous people around the globe for centuries. This persuasive paper will discuss some of the worst hurricanes and floods, and how future disasters and dangers can be prevented.

According to the "", the definition of flood is a rising and overflowing of a body of water especially onto normally dry land. According to "National Weather Service" (2013), a hurricane is defined as a tropical cyclone with sustained winds that have reached speeds of 74 mph or higher. These storms reach the status of hurricane only after strengthening over a period of days or even weeks.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also known as N.O.A.A. describes coastal flooding as the flooding of normally dry, low-lying coastal land, primarily caused by severe weather events along the coast, estuaries, and adjoining rivers. NOAA also indicates that these flood events are some of the most frequent, costly, and deadly hazards that can impact coastal communities. Along the coast, the greatest threat to life and property is storm surge

from a hurricane. Research has shown...