When it hurts to love

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Love hurts when you love someone so much

that you wish you could suffer in their place

the parents of a dying child in a hospital

day after day holding back tears on their faces

Love hurts when you watch someone you've loved

for decades ravaged by a foul cancer,

unable to protect them from the indignities of disease

unable to lighten the load of pain they carry

Love hurts when you watch someone hurt themselves

and you can't stop them, or reason with them

and you let them make their own painful mistakes

as you stand with outstretched hands to catch them

Love hurts when it's your child that is agony

racked by illness, and you can smell death

love hurts when you know that it will be a rough road

from now on, but you take it to save those you love

Love is beautiful and wonderful, the stuff of fairy tales

the higher than drugs high,

the deeper than the ocean foundation

that gives us a window into the nature of God

never goodbye

It was August, the worst of the summer heat

when the hard news knocked us off our feet

the little black spots on the cold x-ray

stage four and spreading, not much to say

The chemo the nukes, sleeping seven to seven

to weak to even be shocked by nine - eleven

your hair, your beautiful hair fell out like rain

nasty reminders each time unclogging the drain

Unthankful for our thanksgiving relapse trauma

fearful and tearful of the course of this deadly drama

talking to the kids, preparing them to live without you

that was the easy, it was me that didn't know what to do

Sometimes when you slept, you would smile in an opium dream

and I could pretend it...