"The Hustler". Essay based upon the original hustler movie. Compares how evil and suffering is displayed throughout the movie.

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Evil has been present since the beginning of time and can be portrayed in many different ways, most of the time it resulting either in the hurt or suffering of someone. In the movie The Hustler, "Fast" Eddie Felson turns to alcohol and the temptation of successful name in the billiard world and an easy way for possible wealth. The evil in the situation elevates with the presence of Bert Gordon, who actually represents pure evil in the movie. Once Eddie hits rock bottom does he realize the degree of evil he has been participating in, and attempts to turn his life around.

There were many aspects that helped cause Eddie and Sarah's suffering. Sarah aspired to become something useful, rather than how most women were portrayed during her time era. She claims she was once an aspiring actress but now she just goes to college for something to do.

However, later it is found out that these are just cover ups for her pain she feels from her father's abandonment. This led to her heavy drinking and becoming a middle age tramp. Soon enough, she begins to center her life around these two obsessions, which leads to her downfall. Sarah commits suicide once she realizes how awful her life has become.

The causes of Eddie's suffering mainly center around his ego. He feels he is the best pool player around and can hustle anyone out of their money if he feels too. In the long run he is conceded, which gives him a feeling of invincibility. This leads him to fell he has the ability to hustle his way to quick wealth. However, his gambling problem, combined with his alcoholism leads to him loosing more money than he gains, because he never knows when to quit.

Evil is...