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Brief introduction of company and industry.

My Selected Company is Hutch "Where ever you go our network follows".

Hutch is the brand name of Hutchison Essar. It established its presence in India in 1994 and was one of the first cellular providers in the city of Mumbai. Over time it has expanded operations across the country and is one of the most respected cellular service providers known for providing world class and innovative class services. India it covers 16 cities in Andhra Pradesh, this network available in 29 countries. Hutch main branch is located in Mumbai.

Hutchison Essar in India

Hutchison Essar Limited, with about 13 million* subscribers after the BPL Mobile Cellular Limited acquisition, is one of the most reputed telecom companies in India. Over the years, it has been named the 'Most Respected Telecom Company', the 'Best Mobile Service in the country', and the 'Most Creative and Most Effective Advertiser of the Year'.

Hutchison Telecom is a part of the multinational conglomerate - Hutchison Whampoa which has its origins dating back to 1828 in Hong Kong. The Group operates five core businesses in 42 countries across the world, of which, Hutchison Telecom has been one of the pioneers in mobile multimedia communication and spans five continents.

The Essar Group is one of India's largest corporate houses with interests spanning the manufacturing and service sectors like Steel, Oil & Gas, Power, Telecom & BPO, Shipping & Logistics and Engineering & Constructions. The Group has an asset base of over Rs 20 billion (US$ 4.4 billion) and employs over 4000 people.

Hutch established its presence in India in 1994 by acquiring the cellular license for Mumbai. It now has operations in 13 circles accounting for 70% of India's mobile subscriber base.

BPL Mobile is now a part of Hutch

With the acquisition of BPL Mobile in 2006, Hutch has increased its presence in Maharashtra, kerela and Tamil Nadu.

* The first to market with an international 3G video mobile network under the "3" brand;

* One of the most agile and profitable 2G mobile voice and data network operators; and

* As a major owner and operator of the fibre optic broadband and fixed-line networks in Hong Kong, serving as a telecoms gateway to China.

Most of the Hutch customers are cooperate people, they successes in cooperate field, and they divided their customers into 3 types.

* Cooperate customers

* Hi network individual

* Small, medium enterprises

Cooperate Customers: means it deals with cooperate firms, a person who works in cooperate companies like satyam, Genpact (GE), Dell International, Intel, Infosys, These companies people use this net work to their places.

Hi network individual: This means it deals with people like V.V.I.P means MLA, MP'S, BUSINESS PEOPLE, FILM ACTORS, DIRECTORS, AND SO ON.

These people are using this network, it is highly individual network.

Small, medium enterprises: this means it deals with small scale industries like Varun motors, super markets, self employees; this is mixing of small and medium scale industries.

Hutch provide each customer type they provide 5 executives, these 5 executives are handle their customers in different ways.

In today's moving economy, new markets emerge and traditional market segments fade away. Market segmentation research is a way to keep 'your eye on the ball.' If properly done on a consistent basis, it provides a window into your current and potential markets.

Lets we go to Hutch segmentation, first of all we have know what is mean by segmentation, segmentation is the art and science of grouping together individuals with similar characteristics, needs and desires, making them better strategic targets for products and services.

Now a days all companies try to satisfy their customers not only customer care centre and all other companies they are analyzing their customers, their needs, and their preferences, these 3 are success steps in any company today.


In Hutch there are 2 segmentation those are below

* Prepaid segmentation

* Postpaid segmentation

Going prepaid is easy. And rewarding, with low talk times and exciting offers not to mention a host of value added services, two-way international roaming and much more. Prepaid connection is very easy just go any hutch shop pick application and fill that firm, along firm u support your indent card. Submit your application firm in hutch shop. You can also submit your application in

Identification proof means:

* Customer pan card

* Address proof

* Proof of photo

* Passport proof

This is as per Telecom department directives compulsory for all Hutch subscribes not only Hutch any subscribers it is compulsory. All these documents we have to submit within 15 days of time.

Hutch divides customer's behavior in to 4 sub segments.

First one is Platinum Segmentation: this segmentation is mainly divided to customer's ratio, in this customer's high billing, and regular payments.

Golden segmentation: this segmentation is allows 2 to 3 times cheques bounds, but billing payments are regular. In this the Customers behavior is good.

Silver Segmentation: this segmentation is allows a new customer and regular bill payment, they will give a chance to customers to pay the bill amount in correct time, if customers neglect this offer then they transfer this type of customers to brown segmentation.

Bronze Segmentation: this segmentation is allows if customers not respond any notices and irregular in payments, hutches don't take any risk in these customers.

Get the all new Hutch Prepaid for just Rs. 99

Prepaid - 99 starter pack

Incoming Free


To Hutch phones

On recharging with Rs 199- Rs 329 0.75

On recharging with Rs 199- Rs 329 0.49

On recharging with Rs 400 0.30

On recharging with Rs 401 - Rs 549 0.49

On recharging with Rs 550 (Free airtime worth Rs100 - Hutch to Hutch) 0.49

On recharging with Rs 551- Rs 5000 0.49

STD rate per min Rs 2.64

ISD rate per min Rs 16.99

Middle East & African Countries Rs18.24

Others Rs15.24


Local SMS Rs 1.00

National SMS Rs 2.00

International SMS Rs 5.00

Other Attractive Features

STD offer

For a nominal monthly rental of Rs25, make STD calls @ just Rs2.25 per min.

SMS pack

Send free unlimited Hutch to Hutch local SMS @just 99p/day. Send fsms as an sms to 111 to subscribe

Flexi Recharge

Hutch Prepaid is recharged through our Interactive Voice Based Recharging System.

Recharge with Citibank:

As a Citibank customer, you can now recharge your Hutch Prepaid using Citibank Online and kiosks across the city.

Recharge process

Login to Citibank online using your password and access the prepaid mobile number and go to recharge site

Click 'Recharge now' to recharge your mobile number using your Citibank Debit or Credit Card.

Recharge with IDBI:

As an IDBI bank customer, you can now recharge your Hutch Prepaid using IDBI internet banking.

Recharge Process

Login your IDBI internet Banking user ID and password.

Go to Easy Recharge fill section and select your column

Enter your mobile number and amount for recharge and confirm your payment transaction.

Recharge with SMS:

Hutch Recharge not only banks but also do via SMS, it is very easy to do, just type 'RC CITI' (amount)(PIN) as on SMS send to 140. After you will receive a confirmation SMS from HUCTH. So your recharge will complete.

This facility is absolutely free. They don't charge anything for this process. For you are simply need to register once and recharge your Hutch prepaid anywhere and any time. Even you can recharge while on roaming.


this is also one of the Recharge method in Hutch, recharge your prepaid anywhere and any time, just prepaid subscribers go to any nearest hutch retail outlets ask them to eTop-Up. Pay your recharge amount of your choice. And your recharge card will recharge instantly, and also get the SMS confirmation. Same as above Recharges.

Next Segmentation is Post Paid Segmentation: in this segmentation customers have different types of billing status; post paid segmentation is it is unlimited calls and customers have lot of facilities in this postpaid connection.

In postpaid segmentation Hutch divides customer's behavior in to 2 sub segments

Platinum Segmentation: this segmentation is mainly divided to customer's ratio, in this customer's high billing, and regular payments.

Golden Segmentation: this segmentation is allows 2 to 3 times cheques bounds, but billing payments are regular. In this the Customers behavior is good.

Now hutch giving a good chance to customers to pay the bills, this is easy way to pay their bills, for more information of your bill dial 111(toll free) from your hutch phone or dial your hutch mobile 98850 98850

* Pay online

* Cash

* Cheques

* Credit card

* Post paid vouchers

Pay online: Pay your hutch bill online any time and any where in India, by

Logging hutch/myhutch.asp

Some times people will busy schedule, or any traveling, or what is happening around the world and in India any time, any where.

In post paid talk plans

Via SMS:

Send News as a SMS to 123. for more details on any headline, send NEWS N1 or News N2...N6

* For Business news, SMS BIZ to 123

* For Stock news, SMS STOCKNEWS to 123

* For Weather updates SMS WEATHER to 123.


Rs. 2 per message

Via Talk2Hutch:

Call 123 and say NEWS, Available in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and English.


Rs. 6 per minute

Via PlanetHutch:

Log on to PlanetHutch and go to NEWS section. To get LIVE news updates, from NDTV 24X7, NDTV India and CNBC-TV18, download video snippets on your Hutch Phone

Via HUtchAlerts

Get news alerts every 2 hours between 8 am - 8 pm

To sbscribe, dial *123*31#


Rs. 15 per month


* National Roaming

* International Roaming

* GPRS Roaming

* Recharge while Roaming

National Roaming: It is Available in through out India. India Any where this network is available. In India it is very lowest cost. National roaming is nominal rate just for Rs. 5 rupees per month.

In national roaming again one more communication two way roaming is there,

Communication roaming means get two way roaming on your Hutch prepaid connection. Make and incoming call, and receive SMS any where in India.

Again in this roaming there are 3 types

Active Roaming: In this National Roaming automatically activate when you cross your city boarder or state boarder.

Returning home: when you return your home, this will be automatically deactivated.

Coverage and Charges: in this different from normal call rate, once we cross our city board or state the charges will change that means the roaming is activated the charges will charge on distance or state wise. That time customer will pay inclusive of the airtime rate of Rs.1.99, applicable local component/long distance subscriber tariffs and a 15% surcharges on air time. SMS will be charged at Rs. 3.00 per message+15% surcharge.

Usage charges table given below

All National Networks

Incoming calls Rs / min

less than 200 kms 3.54

201 - 500 kms 3.79

> 500 kms 3.99

Outgoing calls

Local calls / intra-circle calls to mobile phones

to mobile phones except BSNL CellOne 2.89

to BSNL CellOne 3.08

Local/Intra-circle to Fixed phones

In Mumbai, Delhi , Kolkata and Chennai 2.89

In other circles

0-50 kms 3.09

51-200 kms 3.54

201-500 kms 3.79

> 500 kms 3.99

STD calls

STD (Inter-circle) Calls to Mobile phones

0-50 kms 3.09

51-200 kms 3.54

201-500 kms 3.79

> 500 kms 3.99

STD calls (Inter-circle) to Fixed phones

0-50 kms 3.09

51-200 kms 3.54

201-500 kms 3.79

> 500 kms 3.99

ISD calls

Gulf & African countries 19.53

Rest of the world 16.53


Outgoing 3.45

Incoming Free

International Roaming:

It is available not only India , whole world it will available in your Hutch prepaid connection you will call any in India or any where in the world, whether it is Giddeluru to Germany.

This connection available in aboard also, before you are going aboard make sure your handset is working here, make sure you're mobile is working in tat country.

In this again there are 3 types of roaming

Activate Roaming: if you want an Activate Roaming, you just go to any Hutch shop and there you exchange your SIM. In case international roaming enabled, just call 111 and request activation.

Roaming home; if you don't want an international Roaming just call 111 and request deactivation.

Coverage Charges: call charges are different from these roaming charges stay connected across the widest international roaming coverage in the world.

In this monthly rental is Rs.100 per month, you will minded in SMS if u don't want his you can disconnect this.

International Charges

Services Call charges *

Roaming anywhere in the world (except South and Central America )

(Rs / min) Roaming in South and Central America

(Rs / min)

Incoming calls 65 140

Outgoing calls to India 70 145

Outgoing calls to other countries 87 161

Outgoing SMS 24.15 24.15

Incoming SMS Free Free

Airtime pulse 60 seconds

* Charges mentioned above are all inclusive.

To find country-specific rates, select a location:

Value added Services of Hutch

Astrology: if you are interest in astrology u just watch your daily/weakly/monthly

Forecast in your Hutch mobile just dial 123.

Live Astrology: if some customers need urgent stars, at that time u can dial 315 to hutch astrology. For this Hutch charge per min Rs.6/-

Via SMS : in this Hutch charge for SMS Rs.2/-

ViaTalk2Hutch: in this Hutch charge per min Rs. 6/-

Via Planethucth: in this Hutch charge per month Rs.15/-

Via Hutch Alerts: in this Hutch Charge per month Rs.15/-

Tarot: Hutch will give this facility to personalize reading card, just dial 314 to tarot. For this Hutch charge per min Rs.6/-

Rahukaal & shubhkaal: Hutch customers have another service is this the auspicious or the inauspicious times of the day, just send Rahukal/Shubhkal as SMS to 123

Panchang: For daily panchang, send PANCH to 8243.

Choghadia: this is for Wedding or a Gruhapravesham make sure that the timing is auspicious. Plan important events with the help of our Chogadia. For this send CHO as SMS to 123

Entertainment: We have so much entertainment in hutch, plus jokes, quizze, music, movies, many more, for each call Rs.2/- per min and latest ring tones,

A movie scene, tailors, wallpapers etc.

Dating: If you are single and looking for friends, Hutch will help you. Just dial 123 your Hutch mobile and Say Dating.

Java games: In your Hutch mobile you can download and play over hi-end, full co lour games on your Hutch phone. Browse categories according to your interest and mood. From Arcade to war to Racing to Sports to Fun. Play game like Karpoy 3D chess. Ninja Kid, Rahul XI, and many more exciting games. And get boredom out of your life.

Sokudu: Daily we are seeing so many new papers in that special we are seeing

Sokudu games, at the same time Hutch is offering this game in mobile, this game will improve our thinking skills and knowledge. The game brought to you in association in India times. Per every puzzle game that you download is Rs.10/-.


It is here that Hutch decided to target the customers with what it believes are unique products and features. Its emphasis has been on value proposition and brand-building. Mobility is not only about carrying voice, says Mr Ramanathan and adds that the unified messaging system for the post-paid customers of Hutch is one such unique product.